How To Make Mini Santa Hats For Toys

Mini Santa Hats On Display


Making mini Santa hats is a quick and easy way to add festive cheer to your year round decorations.


Red craft felt

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Cotton stuffing, cotton balls, pom poms, ribbon, garland, buttons, or other trim


  1. Measure the head of your toy/statue. I use a bit of ribbon or thread and wrap it around the toy’s head where I want the bottom of the hat to be and snip the ribbon/thread where it over laps. You can also use measuring tape, or any other method that will accurately measure circumference.
  2. Fold ribbon/thread in half, or halve the measurement that you took with another method. Fold felt so that it is a double layer.
  3. Use the half-length ribbon/thread to measure out the bottom of the hat onto the felt. Be sure to leave a little extra room on both sides for seams.  Mark the edges where you plan to cut.
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  5. Determine how high you want the hat to be. Mark the felt at just above that height (remember, you’re leaving room for seams) directly above the middle of your “bottom line”.
  6. You should have marks in the shape of a triangle. Use your scissors to cut in straight lines along the outside of these marks through both layers of felt. You should now have two identical (or nearly identical) triangles of felt.
  7. Mini Santa Hat Pieces
  8. Whip stitch along the two long sides of the hat. Knot off and trim thread. Do not stitch along the bottom sides. You should now have something of a flat cone.
  9.   Turn the hat inside out so that it’s a full cone.
  10. Add a pom-pom or other decoration to the tip of the hat. You can do this by:
    1. Take your needle up through the inside of the hat and out through the tip. String pom-pom, cotton, button, or other decoration onto the needle. Run needle and thread back through the tip of the hat. Repeat three or four times, knot off and trim thread. buy female viagra online. fast u.s. express pharm delivery! choose pharm
    2. Use glue. Depending on the glue, it may not last as long as stitching, but it’s much quicker. Particularly if you use Glue Dots.
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  • Add ribbon, cotton, pom-pom, buttons, or other decoration to the brim (bottom) of the hat. You can do this by:
    1. Using your needle and thread, stitch decoration around the outside of the brim. Knot off and trim thread.
    2. Glue decoration to the outside of the brim.

  • If everything is sewn on, you can simply set the hat on your toy’s head. If anything is glued, allow to fully dry before using.